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We are a top supplier of manufactured home, modular homes, and costom- manufactured homes.

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Manufactured Homes

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Manufactured Homes | Homestead Quality Mobile Homes

Manufactured or mobile homes are assembled remotely and then brought to you. Manufactured homes from Homestead Quality...

Modular Homes | Homestead Quality Mobile Homes

Modular homes, like manufactured homes, are assembled remotely and then transported to you. There are two main differences...

Custom Manufactured Homes | Homestead Quality Mobile Homes

Homestead Quality Homes offers manufactured homes that can be tailored according to your specific requirements if you can’t....

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Homestead Quality Homes is the Watertown, NY area’s top supplier of manufactured homes, modular homes, and custom-manufactured homes. We have been building homes for almost thirty years, and are eager to put you in a new home now.

Why should you look into purchasing a home from Homestead Quality Homes? First of all, a Homestead home is a cheaper, quicker alternative to purchasing a site-built house or arranging for a new home to be assembled on-site. Your manufactured or modular home is assembled remotely and then brought to you. This means that your site can be prepared as construction is ongoing elsewhere, cutting time significantly and lowering cost.

Secondly, our homes are beneficial to the environment. All homes except our custom manufactured homes are assembled according to a preexisting template. No materials are wasted because manufactures pre-order an exact amount of materials based on what is required to build each home, and how many homes are likely to be built. Therefore, from the get-go we possess exactly the quantity of building materials that we are going to need, and no more. Our custom manufactured homes are also eco-friendly, because they can be designed by combining aspects of previous templates. This decreases waste and helps our community stay green. It also allows us to keep down production costs and pass the savings on to you.

Most importantly, Homestead Quality Homes are the homes that you and your family deserve. We at Homestead Quality Homes believe in producing homes that are comfortable, well-designed, and charming to look at and live in.

These are the sorts of homes where memories are made, where children can grow up, and marriages can unfold. Every Homestead Quality Home is designed with your comfort and needs in mind, and our homes are guaranteed to be dependable and long-lasting.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, low-cost home, look no further than Homestead Quality Homes. We are the name you know and the name you trust. Contact us for more information today.